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Help us open the Rudolfinum Terrace for public access

A project is underway to renew a stunning space at the Rudolfinum, one of the Czech Republic’s most beloved buildings. Watch a brief introductory video for the project:

Image terasa.jpg

Terrace for All. And for the Future

The Rudolfinum roof terrace has enormous potential for public use and events, and provides one of the most picturesque views of Prague available anywhere in the city. But the current condition of the terrace means this potential has not yet been realised.

We aim to:

  • Open up the terrace for full public access
  • Install necessary services to facilitate the use of the terrace for events
  • Enhance the experience for visitors and concertgoers at the Rudolfinum
  • Make a positive impact on the future of one of the Czech Republic’s most important national cultural landmarks.


Join the Terrace Team

Unparalleled views of the Vltava, Prague Castle and the Old Town, framed by sixteen statues of history’s most significant composers, make it a truly special place to be.

Our project aims to make a similar experience possible for all, and to do this, we need your help. With the opportunity to become a custodian of one of the sixteen statues by making a major donation, you have a unique chance to write your name into the history of the Rudolfinum and of the Czech Philharmonic. We also hope you will also consider sharing our vision for the terrace with whomever you think may be interested in becoming involved in the project.

What statue can I adopt?

View of the Vltava

Daniel François Esprit Auber
the sculpture is adopted by RSBC Group

Luigi Cherubini

Tomás Luis de Victoria

Josquin Desprez

Orlando di Lasso

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

View of the square

Wofgang Amadeus Mozart

Georg Friedrich Händel
the sculpture is reserved

Johann Sebastian Bach
the sculpture is reserved

Ludwig van Beethoven

View of the Old Town

Robert Schumann

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Carl Maria von Weber

Franz Schubert

Joseph Haydn

Christoph Willibald Gluck
the sculpture is adopted by Soňa Červená

The Terrace Project Team

The Terrace Project is a joint effort by the Czech Philharmonic and its partners. Crucial roles are being played by Arcona Capital (the project initiator, manager and lead sponsor) and Finep CZ, both proud partners of the Czech Philharmonic since 2018. The project also benefits from the involvement of the Civic Forum Foundation and Best Communications teams.

Any other interested parties are invited to get in touch with the project team to discuss how they can help and participate!

David Mareček

“The Rudolfinum is, in and of itself, proof that donations have a long tradition in our country. We look forward to meeting everyone who is interested in the idea of supporting our initiative to renew the Rudolfinum’s stunning roof terrace.“

David Mareček
Czech Philharmonic, CEO

Guy Barker

“When I first stood on the terrace of Rudolfinum, my breath was taken away by the beauty of the view and the potential of the space. We are extremely excited to open up the terrace for full public access.“

Guy Barker
Arcona Capital, Principal

Tomáš Zaněk

“The terrace project will enable the public to experience one of the most astonishing views of the capital city, providing greater access to one of the country’s most important cultural landmarks.“

Tomáš Zaněk
Finep, CEO

Dagmar Havlová

“The Civic Forum Foundation has been assisting cultural monument developments for almost three decades. This project to open up the Rudolfinum roof terrace, with its unique view of Prague and statues of great composers, is truly deserving of our support.“

Dagmar Havlová
Civic Forum Foundation, Chair of the Board

Finances and Timeline

The terrace project is currently predicted to cost CZK 23 million. The project will be funded with financial resources administered by the Civic Forum Foundation.


Securing project documentation and building permits, and other preparatory work. Establishment of a donor fund.


Negotiations with construction companies and budget refinement. Launch of fundraising appeal. Selection of a general contractor.


Terrace renewal work undertaken.


End of the development stage, project completion and handover.

Join the Project

We would be delighted to discuss the terrace project in greater detail with you. Feel free to get in touch with us so that we can arrange a personal meeting. Contact Michal Medek at, and come see the terrace for yourself!

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malíř, sochař, architekt Pro zobrazení detailu jednotlivých sochklikněte na jméno umělce. hudební skladatel Sochy na střeše Rudolfina zavřít Leonardo da Vinci Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Paolo Veronese Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Donato Bramante Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Tomás Luis de Victoria Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Josquin Desprez Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Orlando di Lasso Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Luigi Cherubini Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Daniel François Esprit Auber Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Georg Friedrich Händel Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Wofgang Amadeus Mozart Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Johann Sebastian Bach Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Ludwig van Beethoven Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Michelangelo Buonarroti Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Raffael Santi Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Praxiteles Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Feidiás Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Apelles Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Iktinos Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Massacio Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Donatello Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Jacopo Sansovino Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Benvenuto Cellini Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Filippo Brunelleschi Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Domenico Girlandaio Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Lucca della Robia Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Christoph Willibald Gluck Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Joseph Haydn Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Franz Schubert Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Carl Maria von Weber Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu Robert Schumann Klikněte pro zobrazení detailu